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Our company will supply you with the best leads in the industry specifically tailored to your needs.  Whether you need Sweepstakes Leads,  Gambler Leads, Mortgage Leads, Insurance Leads or any other type of lead, we will deliver!
Need assistance with your planning? We have professionals with years of experience here to help you meet your business goals.  Email us and one of our experienced agents will help you devise the best strategy to make your leads work for you. When you communicate with us you will deal with the same agent every time so we get to know your specific needs.
We have many different types of leads to meet the needs of your business.  Whether you have hundreds of sales agents or only a handful, we can meet the needs of your business.  We sell Hard Copy Hand Written Leads, First Hit, Second Hit and Database Leads.  Our leads are from the USA, UK and Canada.  We can help you choose the leads that will best fit your needs
Our Leads
Exclusive Hand Written Sweepstakes  Leads: This is our best product.  These are people who play often and send in an entry fee, we like to call them paid entries.  These are exclusive leads meaning that we sell them to no one else so you can walk away with the money.
First Hit Hand Writes: These are the same as the exclusives but we resell them after two weeks as 2nd hits.
Second Hit Hand Writes: This is a high quality lead at a very reasonable price.
Database Sweepstakes Leads: This is a very good lead at an extremely good price. If you are on a budget these quality leads will get it done.

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